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Welcome to The Wash

Give your car the cleaning it deserves and enjoy car wash, car detailing, and other services at The Wash 3344. Our premium car wash is located in Delaware County, PA, and offers a variety of washes to keep your car looking its best.  Our various types of car wash services in Upper Chichester, PA include car washing amenities for your car and car accessories.

Take Advantage of Our Affordable Car Washing Services in Delaware County, PA

There are numerous car washing amenities that we can offer you when you visit us in Delaware County, PA. Here are some of the following:

  •  Touchless car wash in upper Chichester, PA: This service is a good bet if you want your car cleaned with soap and water. This is also a good choice for vehicles with large wheels.
  • Soft-touch wash in Delaware County, PA: This utilizes numerous soft foams that can easily reach every corner of your car. Because the foams and brushes are soft, they will not leave scratches on the surface of your car. This is the ideal model if you want deep cleaning for your car exterior but don’t have the time to do it yourself.
  • Self-service car wash in Delaware County, PA: If you want to visit us but still want to clean the car yourself, this is the best choice. Our staff will be there to assist you in case you need help to get started with auto wash.
  • Car detailing in Upper Chichester, PA: For that spotless finish with every last corner buffed and shined. Our staff will make sure your car is spotless when you leave.

If you’re looking for our car wash club promotions, we have them as well. Don’t hesitate to talk to our friendly staff to know more about the details.

Why Come to The Wash?

We are one of the top car wash companies in Chichester that can provide services that go above and beyond the traditional car wash. Here are a few ways we give our customers our best:

  • Affordable Rates: Our car wash company near Aston, PA has your welfare in mind. We make sure to deliver the best auto wash services to make the most out of your budget.
  • Friendly Staff: We have teams of car wash professionals in upper Chichester, PA who are ready to address your car wash needs. 
  • Wash Club With Monthly Deals: Join our Delaware County car wash club, and we can offer you much better deals. Stay tuned for announcements regarding these promos.

Contact Us Today to Learn More About the Range of Services We Offer in Upper Chichester, PA

Contact our company by phone, or on our car wash website. Come visit us in Delaware County, PA. We’ll be glad to cater to your car wash needs in Chichester and the extended adea. We also cover other areas like our Boothwyn car wash and more!

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Right on the premises of the car wash, a brand new cigar shop will be opening. Get the details on upcoming events!