We Have Self Serve Washing Stations For Car Owners That Want To Clean Their Own Car

For those who prefer a do-it-yourself car wash, The Wash 3344 in Boothwyn, PA offers self-serve car washes seven days a week.

We’re the Best Auto Wash Company in Boothwyn, PA

We take pride in our employees’ courtesy and ongoing product training to ensure that your visit is worthwhile and pleasant. Our mission is to keep our facility up to date and improve our services to ensure your stay at our station in Boothwyn, PA, or car wash in Garnett Valley is satisfying.

At our auto wash clubs in Boothwyn, PA, you’ll find clean, well-kept facilities, professional services, and an unrivaled commitment to customer care. We only use gentle cleaning methods, and we guarantee the safety of our washes by having qualified service technicians regularly maintain our equipment.

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What Kinds of Car Wash Options Do We Offer?

It’s up to you! Our customers in Boothwyn PA have the choice of 3-wash systems: soft touch car wash, touchless car wash, or self serve car wash.

By combining cutting-edge technology and our cleaning solutions, our auto wash clubs in Boothwyn PA provide customers with cleaning services to care for nearly any vehicle type.

Self Serve Bays

Our self serve automatic car wash is for the customer that would prefer to wash their own vehicle.  Our bays in Boothwyn PA are tall and long enough to accommodate medium-sized trucks and campers with a clearance of 10 feet. We revamped our soap system and control system in 2018, resulting in a complete system approach. With our self-serve bays, you will enjoy an automatic car wash.

  • Soaps: In our self serve car wash bays, it’s all about applying the soaps in the correct order and keeping track of how long they stay on the vehicle. Start with the number “one” on the selector switch and work your way through the list from 1 to 8.
  • Best Use: Each bay has a helpful “For Best Results” sign that will guide you through the proper use of our system.

Soft Touch Cleaning

With our soft touch automatic car wash, we use thousands of soft foam pads to clean every inch of your vehicle by fully saturating it with soap. When you reach the tunnel, the soft touch car wash machine at our wash club in Boothwyn PA, measures your car and sends custom software to the robotic wash equipment for your car’s shape and size. Enjoy an automatic car wash with our soft touch cleaning system.

  • The Brushes: We’ll safely and thoroughly wash using gentle foam brushes.
  • Soaps & Sprays: To deliver a finished product that fits your requirements, we use the best and safest soft touch car wash chemicals available.
  • Best Use: We’ll use a soft cloth to clean the hardest-to-reach areas (front by license plate, rocker panels, and rear of vehicle). We’ll also remove the “eyebrow” stains caused by wiper blades on upper windshields.
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Touchless Cleaning

Our touchless car wash service is for our Boothwyn PA customers who prefer that only soap and water come into contact with their vehicle. Touchless car wash is also ideal for vehicles with overweight or low clearance tires, big pickup trucks with dual wheels, or pickup trucks with rear racks, plow rigs, or trailer hitches that protrude past the bumpers. With our touchless cleaning system, you will enjoy an automatic car wash.

  • Soaps & Sprays: To produce a finished product that meets your expectations, we use only the best and safest chemicals.
  • Best Use: Nothing touches the vehicle for this automatic car wash type. We use select chemicals and high-pressure water to clean the vehicle. Sensors “sense” the car and follow its contour for a more efficient wash.