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The Wash is a privately owned car wash company servicing the area of Brookhaven, PA. Since 2007, we have prided ourselves in our staff’s courtesy and continuous product training to ensure every visit puts a satisfied smile on your face. We take the business of providing the best quality car wash services and 100% complete customer satisfaction very seriously.

The Wash changed ownership in 2017. Since then, we have fully incorporated several modern car wash services, including: self-serve, touchless, soft touch, and many more. The Wash also serves 24/7 for self-serve bays and touch-free automatic washes.

If you’re in the area of Brookhaven, PA, or anywhere nearby and in need of an easy, hassle-free car wash service, The Wash is where you want to go.

The Wash is more than just a business — it takes pride in loving and valuing its customers. If you join our Wash Club you’ll get plenty of perks and free washes that other car wash companies simply don’t offer. A Wash Club Membership allows you to save big bucks and entitles you to different plans you can choose from, each with their own corresponding waxes, soaps, and value. As a Wash Club Member, you can even have your car washed up to two times per day!

You can also give away The Wash Gift Cards to your friends and family, which is not only a unique gift, but it’s useful too!

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Contact Us To Learn More About Our Services in Brookhaven

The Wash in Brookhaven, PA is a unique, one-of-a-kind car wash business. If you’re in the area and are looking to have your car washed, drive on up to Brookhaven where you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

What Kinds Of Car Wash Options Do We Offer?

Several different options are available if you’d like to benefit from The Wash’s car wash services. This includes:


For the customers who prefer to wash their own vehicles, The Wash offers Self-Serve Bays which are oversized in height and length to adapt to whatever vehicle type you own.

Helpful signs are available in our Self-Serve Bays. These are all about applying the soaps in the proper order and managing soap dwell times as to how long the soaps sit on the vehicle. These signs are conveniently located in each bay and will assist you in mastering the proper technique of using our Self-Serve Bay system.


This is for customers who prefer that only soap and water get in contact with their vehicle. Nothing touches the vehicle for this wash type, and the cleaning is done by high-pressure water and chemicals. We use only high quality yet safe chemicals to meet high expectations.

Our Touchless Car Wash equipment has powerful sensors that can see the grooves and contours of your specific vehicle for a thorough, effective wash.

Soft Touch

Our Soft Touch Car Wash Technology measures the width and height of your car when entering the tunnel. This then sends a custom program to the robotic wash equipment that is unique to your vehicle’s shape and size so that the soft foam pads are exactly the right height and distance as they go over your car to get into the nooks and crevices. Your car passes through a full curtain of soaps while being washed and blasted with powerful soaps and sprays.

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& More!

The Wash in Brookhaven, PA uses only modern, next-generation soaps and waxes for a car wash finish unlike any other.

If you’re in the Brookhaven area and are looking for a unique car wash experience that you’ll surely enjoy, drive on up to The Wash.

Not in Brookhaven? Visit us at our self-serve car wash in Upland, PA.