Try Our Self Service Bays Or Use Our Automatic Car Wash

If you’re anywhere in Garnett Valley, or the nearby surrounding areas, and are looking for a reputable car wash business, why not visit The Wash 3344? We offer the traditional car wash service, and if you want something fun, why not try our touchless and self-serve car wash service? Don’t worry, you’ll be armed with all the right instructions!

We have many qualities that make us one of the best car wash services in the state:

  • Experience
  • Training
  • Growth
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Customers love our self-service bays because of all the cool stuff they get to do! Aside from the traditional car wash, we offer services where you get to try our self-serve car wash or the automatic car wash.

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We’re A Leading Car Wash Company in Garnett Valley, PA Because Of Our Variety Of Services

Not a lot of car wash companies in Garnett Valley, PA offer self-service bays and automatic car washing services. Not only do we have those, but you can also opt to become an active member of our Wash Club community. As a member, this entitles you to save big bucks on car washing plans which you get to mix and match. You can also get your car washed up to twice a day!

You can also give out The Wash gift certificates to your friends and family in the Garnett Valley area. Not only is this a unique gift, but it’s also functional too!

What Car Wash Options Do We Offer?

The Wash 3344 in Garnett Valley, PA offers a multitude of the best car wash services:

Self Serve

Self-serve bays that adapt to the length and height of whichever type of vehicle you own are available for you should you decide to go with a self serve car wash. If you prefer to wash your vehicle yourself, you can fully enjoy the self-serve bays.


Our Touchless Car Wash machinery has powerful sensors that can efficiently locate the grooves and contours of your specific vehicle for a thorough, effective wash.

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Soft Touch

The equipment in Soft Touch Car Wash measures the exact height and width of your car before entering the car wash tunnel. The automatic car wash technology then sends the signal to the equipment that is precise and unique for your vehicle’s shape and size. The soft foam pads lather the soaps and wax and go over your car gently yet efficiently. 

For those looking for a car wash in Glen Mills, PA, or a car wash in Aston, PA, you can contact us today to learn more!