Use Our Self Serve or Touchless Car Wash Services in Glen Mills

Car enthusiasts can be pretty meticulous about how their vehicles are washed. After all, a car is a significant investment, and caring for it the right way can lengthen its lifespan and even retain its resale value. Additionally, regularly having your car go through the wash can also protect its paint job, as well as improve its fuel economy by reducing the drag caused by dirt.

Fortunately, car wash technologies have come a long way in making car washing faster, more thorough, and more convenient. Here at The Wash 3344 Glen Mills, PA, even the most meticulous car owner can enjoy the best automatic car wash services with our touchless car wash options. On the other hand, our self-serve car wash services can be the best solution for Glen Mills, PA car owners who want to personally oversee their car’s cleanliness.

If you’re looking for a car wash service in the Glen Mills, PA area, or even a car wash near Media, PA, check out The Wash 3344 so you can benefit from high-tech yet affordable car wash services that are sure to keep your vehicle looking brand-spanking-new.

Join Our Wash Club To Receive Monthly Benefits

We know that regular car washing is part of basic vehicle maintenance, so for Glen Mills PA car owners who are interested in the best discounts and package deals, The Wash 3344 offers tons of benefits for members of our Wash Club.

For a monthly fee, Wash Club members can have their cars washed twice a day, seven days a week, as well as get some extra pampering for their vehicle depending on the membership tier they applied for.

Wash Club memberships can come in the following packages:

  • Ultimate ($31.95/month)
  • Supreme ($23.95/month)
  • Premium ($18.95/month)
  • Basic ($15.95/month)

Depending on your budget and needs, you can choose which package suits your vehicle best.

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What Car Wash Options Do We Provide?

Aside from the Wash Club, our car wash services for the Glen Mills PA area comprise of three options that car owners can choose from. These include the following:

Soft Touch

Our Soft Touch automatic car wash service harnesses the power of technology, as entering the car wash tunnel allows our custom program to measure the size and shape of your car. Once this is done, the details are then sent to the system so that our robotic wash equipment can determine how to best clean your car thoroughly and efficiently with the use of thousands of soft foam pads.

Additionally, our Soft Touch automatic car wash service ensures that only the best and safest chemicals are used when saturating your car with soap.

Extra options for our Soft Touch car wash service include the LAVA soap system and the LAVA carnauba hot wax, which lets your car pass through a full curtain of soap while being washed.


For Glen Mills PA car owners who don’t want to have their vehicles washed by scrubbers or pads, The Wash 3344 also offers a Touchless car wash service that only utilizes soap and high-pressure water for cleansing. Similar to the Soft Touch service, vehicles that enter the tunnel can be detected by sensors, allowing the system to take note of its contours and determine the best way it can be washed.

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Self Serve

For vehicle owners who are more hands-on, we also offer a Self Serve option wherein customers can personally oversee how their car is cleaned. Unlike traditional car wash services, our Glen Mills PA car wash services provide customers with a hose bearing a selector switch that allows them to follow a proper sequence when applying soap. Each of our bays also has signs that can guide customers in using the proper technique for our Self Serve system.

If you want to keep your vehicle spotless, head on to The Wash 3344 for hassle-free and efficient car wash services. You can even make the most of your trip by checking out our car detailing in Glen Mills.