We Offer A Variety of Car Washing Options in Swarthmore, PA

Car washing has never been more enjoyable than with The Wash. Swarthmore, PA residents have been enjoying this car wash business for years, with unique services and features that are unlike any other. We have self-serve bays for those who’d like to do their own car wash, and touchless and soft touch for those who’d prefer not to get down and dirty!

The Wash has been in the business since 2007, but a switch in ownership in 2017 caused all the changes that you see present today. Not to worry, though — our staff are still equipped with the latest equipment and have undergone continuous training to provide you with the best service possible.

We serve the Swarthmore, PA area 24/7 so even in wee hours of the night, we can service your car wash needs, from self-service to automatic car washes.

We offer a variety of car washing options in Swarthmore, PA to fit your specific desires. If you prefer to do the washing on your own, we have our self-serve bays. Touchless and Soft Touch are for those who would rather sit back and relax while the car washing is being done. Whether you want a simple automatic car wash or just want a quick, self-served rinse, The Wash can accommodate you!

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Interested In Becoming A Wash Club Member? Contact Us Today

You’ll be pleased to know that becoming a member of the Wash Club entitles you to affordable pricing and plans that are unique to The Wash! You’ll be able to choose from a multitude of soaps and waxes only available at our business. The best part is, as a Wash Club member you can get your car serviced up to two times per day!

What Kinds of Car Washing Services Do We Provide?

The Wash in Swarthmore, PA offers the following unique car wash services:

  • Self Serve
  • Touchless
  • Soft Touch
  • & More!

Self Serve

Not a fan of the automatic car wash? This is for the customers who prefer doing the washing on their own. You’ll be fully armed and equipped with the latest car wash tools and soaps so you can DIY your own car wash. After that, we’ll give you options on which wax to use! Don’t worry, each self-serve bay has plenty of manuals and instructions to guide you through the whole car washing process.


You don’t even have to leave your vehicle in order to enjoy our touchless service. This service is an automatic car wash, so you can stay inside while our technology measures the exterior of your car using its sensors. Your car gets sprayed by powerful soaps and water. This is to ensure that all the unique grooves of your car gets serviced from top to bottom. Expect nothing less than a thorough, effective wash with our touchless service.

Soft Touch

Just like the name suggests, a soft touch service allows your car to pass through a soft curtain of soaps as it goes through our soft touch tunnel. The machinery in the tunnel measures the exact height and width of your car, so the curtain caresses your car in all the right places to get rid of all dirt and grime.

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& More

Aside from our car wash service, you can also purchase The Wash gift certificates to give to your friends and family. Not only does this make for a unique present — it’s also functional too!

If you’re in the Swarthmore, PA area, or anywhere nearby the surrounding areas of Upland, PA, why don’t you drop by and use The Wash’s hassle-free car wash service? We also offer a car wash near Media, PA if that is more convenient for you!

Our staff takes car washing seriously, but we’ll all service you with a smile. Drop by today!