Use Our Touchless Car Wash Or Do It Yourself With Our Self Service Bays

If you’re in the area of Upland, PA and looking for a unique car wash experience, why not drive on up to The Wash? We offer the best quirky car wash services that you probably won’t find elsewhere. We have self serve bays and automatic car wash service that you will surely enjoy going through!

The Wash is a privately owned car wash business servicing the area of Upland, PA since 2007.

  • Our staff is continuously trained and have become experts on all car wash services and
  • We use only the latest technology to service your cars.
  • We give you nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction.

Our staff takes car washing very seriously, and the change of ownership that occurred in 2017 resulted in the latest technology that you see right now. The best part is, we serve the Upland, PA area 24/7 for our self serve bays and touch free washes.

If you’re nearby the surrounding areas of Upland, PA, why don’t you drop by for our hassle-free service?

automatic car wash upland pa

The Wash uses only modern and unique car wash technology to provide hassle-free car wash service. We have touchless car wash service, so you can stay inside your vehicle while it gets washed. However, if you prefer doing the job on your own, our self serve car wash bays are especially made just for you!

Our Wash Clubs Are Available

Affordable Car Washing Services in Upland, PA

We offer only competitive rates at The Wash. If you become a Wash Club member, you’ll be eligible to choose our plans that won’t hurt your budget. As a Wash Club member, you can get your car serviced up to twice per day!

What Car Wash Options Do We Have?

Here are the car wash options that The Wash offers:

  • Self Serve
  • Touchless
  • Soft Touch
  • & More!

Self Serve

For people who want to service their own cars, the self-serve car wash bays are for you. Our self serve bays are oversized in order to accommodate whatever size vehicle that you own. They come fully equipped with soaps and waxes so you can DIY your car wash. Also, manuals and instructions are plentiful per bay, so you are guided while you do your self serve car wash.

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For those who prefer to sit back while the job is done, you can opt for our touchless car wash service. Since this is an automatic car wash, you can stay inside your vehicle while powerful sprays and soaps get in contact with your vehicle.

Our powerful touchless equipment measures your car and sees the unique grooves it has, so the washing gets inside all the nooks and crannies too!

Soft Touch

Another automatic car wash, the Soft Touch Car Wash Technology measures the width and height of your vehicle while it enters our tunnel. Because the vehicle gets measured, the soft foam pads form to become exactly the right height and width for your vehicle. Your car passes through a full curtain of soaps while being washed and is blasted with powerful sprays and soaps.

The Wash in Upland, PA uses only next generation soaps and waxes for a car wash finish that can even double as a mirror.

Drive on up to visit The Wash in Upland, PA and get an experience like none other! If you’re not in Upland, consider our car wash in Brookhaven, PA if that location suits you best.