Soft Touch Car Washing Services in Delaware County, PA

Experience every inch of your car being completely saturated with soaps and scrubbed with thousands of soft foam pads.   This wash system measures your actual car when entering the tunnel and sends a custom program to the robotic wash equipment for your cars shape and size.

In the end of 2017 we added two exciting options, LAVA soap system and LAVA carnauba hot wax. That distributes a full curtain of soaps that your car passes through while being washed.

The Brushes

Gentle foam brushes ensure that your vehicle is safely and thoroughly cleaned.

soft touch car wash delaware county pa

Soaps & Sprays

We use the best and safest chemicals to produce a finished product that meets your expectations.

soft touch car wash upper chichester pa

Best Use

A soft cloth cleans the hard-to-get places (front by license plate, rocker panels and rear of vehicle) most effectively. It also rids the “eyebrow” on upper windshields caused by wiper blades.

Our Wash Clubs Are Available

with Next Generation Soaps and Wax