Lustra Professional Car Cleaning Products

Lustra® is a global leader in car wash chemical solutions and has evolved from the core strengths and foundation of CSI. The Lustra® brand has been perfected for over 40 years and is constantly fine-tuned for optimal performance. Lustra® has become the industry standard in the carwash business, leaving the competition to play catch up to their innovative thinking.

Lustra Shield

LustraShield® is a Premium Total Surface Gloss with iridescent brighteners, ultraviolet protection and advanced brightening polymers that bond to your vehicle, producing a smooth surface and increasing the vehicle’s gloss.

When LustraShield gets applied, it fills in all the crevices at a nano-scale level - locks in the shine and fragrance which will remind you of your great car wash experience for days.

Bonus Features:
• Long Lasting Water Barrier
• Brake Dust Repellent
• Pleasing Grape Scent

Lustrafoam with Carnauba Wax

Providing a Deep, Glossy Shine with UV Protection.
• Carnauba is the hardes wax known and is a natural water repellent adn UV protector
• Foaming polish is fortifited with natrual carnauba wax
• Provides a long-lasting shine with added protection
• Advanced brightening polymers with carnauba wax adhere to the painted surface giving a deeper, glossy, shine
• Rejuvenante your vehicle's surface

Lustra Lava

The Lustra Lava is a high pH foaming shampoo that creates the “wall or fountain of foam” experience. Treat your car right by thoroughly soaking every square inch with our high quality suds. A deeper clean with a better shine, everytime.

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