Touchless Car Wash Services in Upper Chichester, PA

For our customers that prefer that nothing touches their vehicle other than soap and water.  This wash is also perfect for vehicles with oversized or low clearance tires, large pickup trucks with duel wheels, or pickup trucks that have latter racks, plow rigs, or trailer hitches extended from the bumpers.

Soaps & Sprays

We use the best and safest chemicals to produce a finished product that meets your expectations.

touchless car wash upper chichester pa

Best Use

Nothing touches the vehicle for this wash type. The cleaning is done by high-pressure water and chemicals. Technology has come a long way; sensors can “see” the vehicle and follow the contour of car for a more effective wash.

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If you’re looking for a touchless car wash in Delaware County, PA, look no further than The Wash 3344. We offer the best touch-free car wash services at affordable prices.

Touchless Car Wash Services in Upper Chichester, PA

For customers who only want soap and water to touch their car, we offer this quick and affordable option. Using only the best and safest chemicals in our soaps and sprays, we always deliver results that will meet your expectations every time. For this kind of a wash, we promise that nothing else will touch your vehicle.

To achieve a thorough clean, we use high-pressure water with a mix of chemicals. And because technology has come a long way through the years, the sensors we use can “see” your vehicle and follow all of its curves and edges to provide an effective wash. We’re sure that you won’t find this kind of technology elsewhere in Delaware County, PA.

What Kinds of Vehicles Are Best for Our Touch-Free Car Wash?

Our touchless car wash service can be used on various car types and sizes, but some are more suitable for this process compared to others. A touchless car wash is perfect for the following vehicles:

  • Vehicles with low clearance or oversized tires
  • Large pickup trucks with dual wheels
  • Pickup trucks with the following:
  • Plow rigs
  • Ladder racks
  • Trailer hitches extended from the bumpers

Why Choose The Wash 3344?

Since 2007, Eco Wash has provided customers in the Delaware County, PA area with top-quality touchless car wash services. Our safe, friendly, and well-lit facilities are some of the best in the industry. We also take pride in our respectful and highly-trained staff who ensure that your experience with us is always of value.

With our goal of continually updating our facility, we switched over to new ownership in 2017. This led the way to a more enhanced experience and will ensure that each visit you have with us is satisfying. We’ve also invested in upgraded soap systems, state-of-the-art equipment, and facility improvements to give our customers a better wash experience.

To get a brand new understanding of what touchless car wash service means, get in touch with us today. Call (610) 364-4086 to book an appointment for our touchless car wash in Upland, PA, and Delaware County, PA. For further details on our car wash services in other locations like touchless car washes in Brookhaven, PA or, head over to our website!

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